First order of business: A flag

Or, “I’m My Own Betsy Ross”

By Otis Klondike
President of the People’s Democratic Socialist Republic of Doggerland

So having decided to form a government-in-exile for my ancestral homeland Doggerland, I elected myself President and formed a High Commission with the immediate task of designing a flag.

The High Commission started with a field of red to represent the Fallen Heroes of the Lost Cause, with a bold white stripe for the spirit of those who live on. The green pip represents our lush forests and verdant plains, surrounded by a blue loop for the Cruel North Sea as it instills in our people the love of travel. The pip and loop are placed off-center because obvious.

2015 0705 flag

This accomplished, the High Commission will now go into seclusion to compose a National Anthem.

Possible titles include:

  • “Doggerland, Poor Doggerland”
  • “Our Ancestral Homeland is Now the Bottom of the Sea”
  • “Glub Glub Glub.”

We’re open to suggestions. Email